Canadian Health&Care Mall Reveals the Facts and Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction being the most important topic of male health is considered to be full of myths and facts. Let’s grapple with the most significant and controversial at one and the same time.

MYTH: Erectile Dysfunction is a normal phenomenon of ageing that’s why men just should make peace with it.

FACT: Two main periods of male ageing may be distinguished:

  • middle age (40-65 years old);
  • advanced age (over 65).

Though erectile dysfunction is more widely spread among men of advanced age it cannot be considered a “norm”. The fact is that people at such an age should have more stimulation to achieve erection significant enough to carry out the sexual intercourse. There is no ground to make peace with this disorder realizing it to be one of the symptom of ageing. You may command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall and order Viagra to stimulate erection and revive your sexual life. It doesn’t matter under what age you are you may enjoy all the sides of your life.
Erectile DysfunctionMYTH: I do not have a desire to feel erected and make peace with this inability.

FACT: Potency is an energy of male soul. Impotency influences greatly the psychic state of males and may become a cause of various disorders inclusively of suicide. Potency is decreased because with aging the level of testosterone decreases which directly effects the ability to have erection. You should not live with it because you may consult the doctor, start treatment, make orders of drugs via Canadian Health&Care Mall and increase testosterone.

MYTH: Importency relates to the men of advanced age only.

The desire to carry out the sexual intercourse is not a prerogative of young men only. The problems with erection may appear at men of various ages. The statistical data shows that 21% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction in approximately 20-30 years old, 27% – men over 30-40 years old.

MYTH: Erectile Dysfunction is considered to be unpleasant but not deteriorating.

FACT: Though erectile dysfunction in itself isn’t surely dangerous, however it often is one of early symptoms of other serious diseases development. One of the most widespread main diseases is diabetes. Problems with an erection can be also a symptom of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension or atherosclerosis), and also a hormonal imbalance and neurologic frustration, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Therefore if you have erection dysfunction, it is important to see a doctor. Careful medical examination will help not only to define the reason of erectile dysfunction and to find ways of its treatment, but also will help to warn you from more serious diseases demanding immediate treatment.

So if you have problems with an erection, then it is important to attend immediately the qualified doctor for full physical examination and screening. After such an examination you’d better to command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to order drugs required for treatment. You won’t notice how you will be again satisfied with your sexual life.