Erectile Dysfunction: Sentence to the Family or Test for Love?

Family psychologists say that impotence in itself rarely causes divorce. Much more often family is destroyed by irritability, misunderstanding and constant quarrels caused by the fact that a man has lost confidence in his strength.

Harmonious families, where partners always talk to each other and support the other half during difficult times, with honor pass this test. According to doctors, in 95% of cases erectile dysfunction can be cured without much effort. But to keep love and trust in this situation is more difficult.

Whether you like it or not, it’s women’s shoulders that take care of maintaining warm relationship. A man experiencing difficulties with erection is too scared, confused to deal with psychological problems as well.erection problems in men

How can a woman help her lover at this difficult moment? To begin with, you need to understand that impotence is not a tragedy, it can and should be treated, but moral support is as important as pills and advice from psychologist. Therefore, anything that can aggravate insecurity of men in their abilities, must become an absolute taboo. No jokes, no caustic remarks, no demonstration of disappointment or annoyance. Such «manifestations of character» can also completely deprive perfectly healthy man of passion.

Very often a man suffering from erectile dysfunction begins to suspect that he has become useless. The task of a woman is to show that she still loves her husband and needs him, that he is the head of the family, and no whims of organism will change this.

But in bedroom, a woman should take this into her own hands. Often cause of impotence is boredom, monotony of intimate life, passivity of beloved and lack of interest on her part. Some women believe that it is a strong sex that should provide enchanting sex. In fact, nothing inspires a man in the same way as a woman who takes initiative and enjoys proximity! Even if 9 out of 10 attempts to «turn on» a husband will end with nothing, you will still keep the feeling that he is loved and desired.

And, finally, do not take bad mood of partner personal. Arguments are an extra stress that only interferes with erectile dysfunction treatment and spoils mood for both.

Doctor, is this Curable?

Perhaps you have never encountered similar problems and read this article from simple curiosity. In that case, you are lucky, because impotence is very common. At least 10% of young men regularly experience serious problems with erection, and among men older than 40 years, every second knows firsthand what «failure» is. It is significant that only 20% go to doctors, and the rest prefer to fall into depression, self-medication, testing suspicious folk remedies, seek salvation from heavy thoughts in alcohol – in short, do everything to aggravate the disease.

The reason is not in irresponsibility, but in the fact that very few people are aware of reasons for appearance of such a disorder and methods of its treatment. If, alas, your family faced such problems, you should know about this ailment everything.

Doctors distinguish three types of impotence:

  • psychogenic;
  • organic;
  • mixed.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction appears due to psychological problems – stress, fatigue, gloomy thoughts. Its distinctive features – sudden appearance and preservation of morning spontaneous erection. This type is infrequent, it is met in only 10 – 15% of cases.

Organic erectile dysfunction is caused by malfunctions in the work of internal organs, intake of certain medications, alcoholism and drug addiction, various hormonal disorders. It develops gradually, with each time it becomes more difficult to achieve «combat readiness», until erection disappears completely. And in this case, morning erection disappears. Organic impotence accounts about 80% of cases.

Mixed type that occurs at combination of psychological and organic problems – the rarest one, doctors diagnose it only in 5 – 10% of cases.

Treatment scheme is always chosen individually, it all depends on the type of impotence and underlying disease that prevents you from enjoying love. But any therapy is aimed at solving three problems: eliminating the cause, stimulating erection and psychological work to get rid of fears and insecurities in patient’s abilities.