From Reel to Real: How TV Shows Are Illustrating Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men. It is also very common and nearly all men are susceptible to it. Men suffering from this medical condition tend to find it difficult to achieve an erection. They may also have issues in sustaining the erection for sexual purposes.

When impotence strikes, it leaves a major impact on the men. They tend to become embarrassed by their condition and try to ignore it for as long as possible. Men also become stressed due to this condition. Lack of confidence and depression are other potential problems.

Due to their embarrassment, men do not even seek out help. The fact is that erectile dysfunction can now be cured even though it is a natural byproduct of the aging process. Men need to stop ignoring the problems and search out treatments with the help of the doctors and therapists. After all, some treatments are every easy such as the oral medications available at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Thankfully, men are becoming more aware of the various aspects of impotence and their treatments. This has mainly been made possible by the various shows being aired on television. Shows like Sex and the City are helping men and their partners become aware of erectile dysfunction and the possible treatments.

ED impact on the men

Effects of Sex and the City

The exposure provided by TV shows to medical issues like impotence has been a boon for many men. Men have begun to understand that they should stop ignoring the problem. Their partners have also benefitted as they are now able to help out the men in seeking proper treatments. Some of the effects of Sex and the City are given below.

  • The show, Sex and the City, has helped men and their partners tackle the problems of impotence.
  • Thanks to the show, women are now openly helping out their men to overcome the problems. They are supporting their partners and working together through those problems.
  • The attention given by the show on the medical condition has helped couples realize that it is possible to have a happy and successful relationship in spite of it. Couples have begun to go for therapies so that they can work out the problems being caused by ED.
  • The show also highlighted the effects of the lifestyle on ED. As a result, many men are changing their lifestyles and diets for the better. Of course, the changes in lifestyle are decreasing their susceptibility for ED.
  • The knowledge provided by the show has enabled men and their partners make better decisions when facing the problem of ED. They are able to improve their quality of life and ensure that their relationship does not suffer.

Effects of the lifestyle on ED

Other Effects of TV Shows

TV shows that talk about erectile dysfunction can help men and their partners a lot. Here are some of them.

There are many other things that TV shows can teach men about ED.