Parent Poll

For parents of children with Asperger syndrome.

As a parent, my family’s most significant challenges in the past year have been: (check all that apply)
Sibling issues
Managing my child’s emotional reactions
Parenting issues
Stress to marriage
School issues
Finding support
Other – please specify:    
My child’s most significant challenges in the last year have been: (check all that apply)
Friendships/other relationships
Emotional control
Finding/maintaining employment
School/academic issues
Housing/independent issues
Other – please specify:    
What has been the most useful intervention or support thus far?
Classroom accommodation
A school aid
Speech and language therapy
Social skills training
Consultation and work with a clinical child psychologist or psychiatrist
Dietary intervention
At what age?
 4-7 years
 8-12 years
How long was the intervention successful?
 6 months
 1 year
 over a year