Professional Contacts

The following names comprise specialists of different  backgrounds who possess and increase experience with Asperger Syndrome. Some are involved in active clinical diagnosis and therapy while others may have specific background in school settings. Inclusion on this list does not infer any kind of endorsement from the Asperger Society of Michigan. Many of these names have been advised by parents and advocates. Canadian Health&Care Mall is also included in this list. Surf the Internet and find our website if you have any questions concerning with Asperger Syndrome and other diseases in general.

Please note the list is alphabetical by city.

Amy L. Matthews, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Grand Valley State University
One Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401
727-442-4624 office

Thomas Fluent, M.D.
PsychiatristProfessional Contacts
Director of Child and Adolescent Residency Program
University of Michigan
2101 Commonwealth, Suite C
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Catherine Lord, PhD
U of M Autism and Communication Disorders Clinic
1111 E. Catherine #129
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Roger Lauer, PhD (Neuropsychologist)
1955 Pauline Blvd, Ste. 100A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Ruth Anan, PhD
Beaumont Center for Human Development
1695 W 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 48072

James Kors, MA, Ed.S
950 E Maple Road
Birmingham, MI 48009

Paula Jorne, Ph.D., LPC
950 E Maple Road
Birmingham, MI 48009

Richard Howlin, Ph.D.
Chelsea Center for Learning and Development
1600 Commerce Park Drive
Chelsea, MI 48118

Andrew Homa, M.D.
Private Practice
2720 East Lansing Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823

Margaret Fankhauser, D.O.
Chairperson, Pediatric Psychiatry
Michigan State University Clinic
Neurological Disorders Specialty
East Lansing, MI 48823

Paul Quinlan, D.O.
Michigan State University
B120 West Fee Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

Dr. Schellenberg, MD
Psychiatrist, In-Patient acute care
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
300 68th Street, S.E.
P.O. Box 165
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0165
Emergency Number #2-911-789-6611 (24 hours/7days)

Betty Martin, MSW, CSW
In-take Worker
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
300 68th Street, S.E.
P.O. Box 165
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0165
Emergency Number #2-911-789-6611 (24 hours/7days)

Dr. Masterson and Team
InPatient Unit, Forest View Hospital
1055 Medical Park Drive, S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Linda LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Western Michigan University Center for Autism
Department of Psychology
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Dr. Daniel Fields, M.D.
Lansing, MI

Dennis Becht, Ph.D.
School Psychologist
Ingham Intermediate School District
2630 W. Howell Road
Mason, MI 48854

Dr. Scott Zimostrad
728 West Wackerly Drive
Midland, MI

Carol L Jorgensen, Professional Advocate
4201 Wabaningo
Okemos, MI 48864

Candis Warner EdD
1611 W. Centre Ave
Portage MI 49024

Andrew Maltz, PhD
Associated Psychologists
21929 E. 9 Mile Road
St. Clair Shores MI 48080


Dr Gregory Worthington
True North Psychology, PC
401 West Front St
Traverse City, MI 49684

Dr. Sander Weckstein
Northern Michigan Psychiatric Services
3287-A Racquet Club Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684

Sally Bloch, PhD
Kaufman Children’s Center
6625 Daly Road.
W. Bloomfield, MI 48322

Dr. Gary H. Coller
Integrative Healthcare Center
300 South State Street
Terrace Square, Suite #5
Zeeland, MI 49464


Note: Articles require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which you probably already have installed on your computer. Try to view the articles and if you encounter difficulty, go to Adobe’s web site and install the program. Please be patient while the documents load.

ArticlesWhat’s SO Bloody Funny?

Mary F. Spence, Ph.D.

It is often claimed that the exchanged laughter is the shortest distance between two people. If you begin paying attention, you will doubtless acknowledge humor as one of the main components in our social connectedness to others. The perspective of Theory of Mind build can publish our realization of humor and why this facet of social relation can be so terrible for Asperger Syndrome (AS) individuals.. .. ( full article )

Tips For A Successful Work Experience

Scott Krimer

Employees with Asperger Syndrome and Their Employers: The following tips were generated from the on-the-job experience of Scott Krimer, son of Asperger Society of Michigan president, Eileen Krimer. For the past 2 1/2 years, Scott has worked at Bivouac, Inc., a retail establishment in Ann Arbor, MI and has proven himself to be a much valued and integral member of the staff. Scott was initially hired in part-time to do computer data entry work, but has since progressed to a full-time position where he also troubleshoots the computer system and the business software, and is the liaison with the software company. .. ( full article )

Movement and Insight: Tai Chi as a Tool in Supporting Students with Asperger Syndrome

Richard Howlin, Dipl. Psych., Ph.D. Clinical Developmental

Sensory–motor difficulty has long been established as a common diagnostic feature of Asperger syndrome. (AS). Observations of both clinicians and parents have documented the frequency of clumsiness and fine motor difficulties in the AS population. It remains unclear why children with AS are particularly vulnerable to this problem. Yet new theories on brain functioning and social processing may shed some important light on the matter… ( full article )

School Cultures that Support Students Across the Autism Spectrum

Author: Cathy Pratt, Ph.D.

Added: 08/31/2005

First Published: Autism Spectrum Quarterly, summer 2004

On any given day, a parent or educator may call asking for recommendations for a student on the autism spectrum who is engaging in problematic behavior, or who is experiencing failure in school. Typically, comments revolve around the nature of the difficulties, the impact on the student and others, and the precipitating events (e.g., asked to do a difficult task, unstructured time, noise, an unexpected change, etc.) that have occurred that might provide insight into the situation. While all of these factors are important, one part of the equation is typically missing from these conversations: What role does the school culture play in supporting the student?…

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The High School Experience

Author: Richard Howlin

Added: 07/13/2003

Type: Paper-Adolescence

Although generalizing behavioral Syndromes is inherently problematic, there are some important commonalities in the challenges faced by adolescents with Asperger Syndrome (AS). They pose a unique quandary for schools and expose the importance of social programmatic needs…

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Asperger Syndrome: Social Dyslexia

Author: Richard Howlin

Added: 07/12/2003

Type: Paper-Other

Like many developmental disorders, the understanding and treatment of Asperger Syndrome (AS) remains a work in progress. AS is a relatively new diagnosis in the field of developmental psychology and many children who were previously referred to as “autistic like’or having diffuse social processing problems are now recognized within this Syndrome´s criteria…

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Middle School Anyone?

Author: Richard Howlin

Added: 07/12/2003

Type: Paper-Adolescence

As a psychologist specializing in social processing, I have attempted to support many children with Asperger Syndrome through the social jungle of school. Middle school is by far the most troublesome and for many children, the worst of times…

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Some Thoughts on Aspergers

Author: Richard Howlin

Added: 07/12/2003

Type: Observations

A synopsis of Dr. Howlin’s thoughts and observations about Asperger Syndrome.

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Jessica Kinglsey Publishers. This site contains a very good list of publications covering a broad range of social/behavioral topics including Asperger Syndrome. The listing of publications regarding AS and other related publications is too long to print. However, there is a subset of the main catalog dedicated just to Autism and Asperger Syndrome that can be downloaded. Prices are in UK and US dollars are included and books can be ordered directly off this website. URL –

Illustrated Poems from an Aspie Life
Wendy Lawson
Illustrated by Alice Blaes Calder
Jan 2006
128 PagesBooks
ISBN 1 84310 418 0
US $14.95

The Aspie Way
Wendy Lawson
Foreword by Emma Wall
June 2006
176 pages
ISBN 1 84310 427 X

Web Sites

Jessica Kinglsey Publishers – This site contains an excellent list of publications covering a broad range of social/behavioral topics including Asperger Syndrome. Prices in UK and US dollars are included and books can be ordered directly off this website. URL –

O.A.S.I.S. – Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support. One of the best sites out there for Asperger and Autism information. Includes lists of papers, support groups, schools, camps, clinicians, legal resources, and has an active bulletin board. URL – – The Website of Liane Holliday Willey. This site offers visitors a variety of opportunities to connect with Liane Holliday Willey, EdD, internationally acclaimed speaker and author on the subject of Asperger Syndrome. Enjoy the free newsletter, explore the resources, shop for new books, and find out where Liane will be speaking next or how to schedule a speaking engagement. Or subscribe to the website and receive even more information from Liane on Asperger Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning disabilities (NLD), and Pervasive Developmental Disorders in general. The subscription is $20 a month.

The Source, MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger Syndrome – There is a good list of publications, information sources and contacts on this website. A comprehensive listing of information related to AS and other related developmental disorders is included. URL –

Tony Attwood’s Website – This web site is a guide for parents, professionals, people with Asperger Syndrome, and their partners. It contains resources, messages and issues related to AS, and papers on related topics that were written by Dr. Attwood. It also includes a good list of contacts, schools and home schooling options in the United States. URL –

Northern Autism Network – This site focuses on the Northern Michigan area. Included on this website is a list of “Tips.” URL –

ASPEN, Asperger Syndrome Education Network – This site offers educational resources, materials, workshops and seminars for families and individuals with ASD. URL –

Birmingham Maple Clinic – This site offers a list of mental health services and therapists located in the Birmingham, MI area. URL – – Honoring the Variety of Human writing. A comprehensive list of articles and information covering a broad spectrum of topics including ASD. URL –

Autism Connections at Judson Center – Staff at two locations in the Detroit area can address specific needs/concerns and recommend a variety of resources. URL –

GRASP – The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership. This is an educational and advocacy organization serving individuals on the Autism spectrum. URL –

Red River Valley Asperger Network – This site contains a good source of information and support for those affected by AS or ASD in the North Dakota area. It contains a good list of other books, videos and websites. URL –

Mayo Clinic – This site contains a series of articles on AS pertaining to the signs and symptoms, causes, treatment and coping skills. URL –

Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network – This site has a special focus on adult autism issues. Geographically it focuses on Ontario, Canada, but the information on the site is useful or any one wanting information on AS. URL –

The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding – This is a non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with ASD and those who work alongside them to improve mutual understanding. URL –

Jack’s Place for Autism – Services and support for families of individuals with ASD. Located at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. URL –

Canton Aspergers Network – A new group looking to connect families affected by AS. The site is currently under construction but should be up and running soon. URL –

Perspectives Social Learning, LLC – This is a program in the Kalamazoo/Portage area designed to help increase social cognition in people with Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and others with similar social difficulties. Perspectives involves small group instruction (generally by age range) and includes a parental training component to ensure reinforcement and carryover of newly learned strategies to better relate to others. Phone: 370-831-2546 URL –

Links to Other Resources

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