Manual for Women on Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Having built strong and harmonious relationships, sometimes loving couples face a very delicate problem – erectile dysfunction in the partner. At first it seems that «sails of love» will never rise. But if you try to approach this question with love and patience, even such a difficulty will be overcome.

A man in his 20 rarely faces similar problems, but over time due to many important factors, he may begin to experience some difficulties related to intimate life. And solution is not in a banal pill, but in complex and at the same time individual approach.

Erectile Dysfunction: Sentence to the Family or Test for Love?

Family psychologists say that impotence in itself rarely causes divorce. Much more often family is destroyed by irritability, misunderstanding and constant quarrels caused by the fact that a man has lost confidence in his strength.

Harmonious families, where partners always talk to each other and support the other half during difficult times, with honor pass this test. According to doctors, in 95% of cases erectile dysfunction can be cured without much effort. But to keep love and trust in this situation is more difficult.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction but Not by Using Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is quite a common issue in men. When you suffer from ED, you are unable to get and maintain erection that is firm enough for having sex. Having problem in erection is not necessarily a cause for concern. However, if erectile dysfunction persists then it can cause stress and effect self confidence. This, in turn, causes problem in the sexual and marital relationship.

Causes That Can Lead to Impotence

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is age. There are also other problems that lead to impotence:

  • Heart problem
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Side effects of medicines
  • Alcoholism
  • Smoking
  • Surgery of prostate cancer

There are however oral drugs to treat ED. Viagra are one such drug on our website of Canadian Health and Care Mall. This drug had been introduced to the market in the year 1988. Soon it turned out to be very popular among men. Viagra can be taken by all men above eighteen years of age. The reason it became a household name is that almost all men suffer from either occasional or regular ED.


How can Viagra Help in Treatments Erectile Dysfunction?

When you take Viagra from Canadian Health and Care Mall, there is an increase in the blood flow to the penis, only when a man experiences sexual arousal. It thus, helps you to achieve and maintain your erection. Viagra is a drug that works on a temporary basis to ensure that the process functions normally. Viagra increase the length, width and firmness of the penis. However, if the arteries in the penis are too narrow or if the blood flow is too fast then it can cause a problem in the erection.

When should You Avoid Taking Viagra?

If you are suffering from a severe heart condition then it is better that you stay away from Viagra for treatments erectile dysfunction. In fact, if you are taking nitrate for the same then you are strictly recommended against it. When you take Viagra along with nitrate, it causes a sudden drop in the blood pressure of the patient. Other side effects of Viagra are:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Abnormal vision
  • Bad headache
  • Flushing of the face, neck, and chest


Other Alternatives to Treat ED


AlprostadilThis is a drug that is directly injected into the penis to cause dilation in the arteries. It can be taken alone or with other drugs like Papaverine or Phentolamine. The erection achieved through this process can be maintained for about an hour. However, it can lead to priapism which is a type of prolonged and painful erection.

Vacuum Pump

In this method, the penis is placed in a cylindrical pump by taking the help of a vacuum constriction device. You will be able to sustain the firmness of the penis by taking the help of a constriction pump placing it at the base of the penis.

Penile Implant

Through this method, a pump is placed in you your scrotal sac and tube of the penis. This pump helps in achieving erection. You can sustain erection as long as you desire by pumping saline solution from the reservoir.