Manual for Women on Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Having built strong and harmonious relationships, sometimes loving couples face a very delicate problem – erectile dysfunction in the partner. At first it seems that «sails of love» will never rise. But if you try to approach this question with love and patience, even such a difficulty will be overcome.

A man in his 20 rarely faces similar problems, but over time due to many important factors, he may begin to experience some difficulties related to intimate life. And solution is not in a banal pill, but in complex and at the same time individual approach.

First, determine type of erectile dysfunction problem. If failure in bed occurs very rarely – most likely it is caused by stress or strong feelings. If a man has weak potency for a long enough period – the reason for constant in anxiety and bad habits. When a man rapidly loses his masculine strength, it is a serious chronic for women on male impotence

Harmony in Relationships

On emotional grounds, male erection decreases significantly. Therefore, erectile dysfunction treatment should begin with frank conversation and detailed psychological study of your partner. Problems at work, debts, loans cause constant sadness or even depression. It is quite clear that such a state «kills» in him any sexual desire. Perhaps in your relationship harmony and understanding have disappeared, which also causes excitement and dissatisfaction with life. Trying to level his psychological state, you have to understand one thing: your man in no way should know that your efforts are directed not at restoring his male power, but for benefit of your relationships and strong feelings towards him.

Healthy Lifestyle

Start active «propaganda» against his smoking and frequent use of alcohol. Explain to the man that he is much more pleasant to you in his usual state, that you love his scent and fragrance of his perfumes and generally worried about his health. Bring him to sports, a man will be pleased if you join fitness club with him. Also do not forget about joint walks in the evenings and morning jogs. Add some foods in its diet: foods without chemical additives, pistachios, olive oil, greens, pomegranate juice – contribute to improving erection in men.

Sexy Games

A man can enjoy something without experiencing erection. He likes your new sexy dance, candid striptease, erotic massage or new perfume. Any port in a storm, therefore arm yourself with all sorts of female tricks in seducing men. Read more of special literature, replenish home movie library with a couple of erotic paintings. Sign up for massage course, tantric sex and dance. And, of course, do not forget about beautiful underwear, silk stockings and exciting aroma.